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Advantages over Tumblweed Tiny Homes:

  • Reduced Overall Weight - (a 1/2 ton truck can tow)
  • Low Profile which means reduced top weight, road Sway and Wind Shear making it much easier to tow and navigate weekly
  • Pointed Nose - reduce drive turbulence and fuel consumption
  • Roof pitch forward slanted - to reduce wind sheer, fuel consumption
  • Attachable & Detachable Front Entrance "Travel Wall" for driving. which can be removed after Docking
  • Designed to be towed as a camper and/or docked as a tiny home
  • Can be priced Less than tumbleweed or priced higher. The appeal here is being attractive to those who own a more common 1/2 ton truck.

Advantages over other builders:

  • Many tiny homes such as Tumbleweed are heavy and meant to be docked after delivery. Other builders are just enthusiasts who build a box which is similar. There are other builders above tumbleweed which require a 5th wheel truck for towing. Some even require utility poles to be dropped. These are all mostly just as they state, "Tiny Homes". The idea behind our design is to go smaller and ligher than tumbleweed, not larger therefor most any 1/2 pickup or SUV can pull these much like a camper.

Advantages over Motor Homes:

  • Priced less
  • Do not need yearly inspections
  • Can be zoned as a permanent structure
  • Not an eye sore when stored off season
  • Less s torage issues due to size & height
  • Detachable from your Pickup or SUV
  • Much smaller not needing a large space to dock
  • Allowed in most campsites where motor homes are not
  • Woodstove Allowed (motor homes use gasoline therefor wood stoves can't be used)
  • Most repairs can be made using home improvement tools not requiring a RV specialist.

Advantages over Tow-Behind Camper:

  • Warmer with a more more cozy feel
  • More protection against against nature
  • Woodstove
  • Holds heat much longer
  • Wood structure allows modifications just like a normal home
  • Has many more features
  • Less an eye sore when off season or stored.
  • Most repairs can be made using home improvement tools not requiring a RV specialist.






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