The Book of Enoch

After years of biblical study, I decided to journey myself into ancient texts & scrolls. After completing my studies on dead sea scrolls, and in particular, The book of Enoch, I learned Enoch 1 was written before Christ (BC). Enoch 2 & 3 were written AD. Any books written AD I now examine carefully. After completing Enoch, I had to step back and gather myself asking, is this truth or myth? To be honest, this book amazes me in so many ways, while presenting much closure for many gaps throughout both King James and King Edward scriptures. I suggest all people of all faith to study Enoch. Give it quality time, then decide for for yourself. Truth or Myth? These twenty songs tell the story from my perspective. I felt this is the easiest way for me to express myself for something I feel so important.

If / as time permits, I will continue to compose more material in this genre because honestly, the project was quite rewarding. I have many new pieces well under way. Somewhere around 50 in all. Angels and Titans will be electric guitar based while keeping Jesus in my sights.

Note - If you decide to study this book of Enoch, I suggest you study the version translated by R.H. Charles. This is the version elders in this field agree was written BC and not AD. Some suggest it goes because hundreds maybe thousands of yars BC making it the oldest scroll ever written. This is very important when working with ancient biblical texts, scrolls or books..Study, then compare.

1) Sumeria Falling (download)
2) The Garden (download)
3) The Curse (download)
4)Broken Wing (download)
5) Ruins (download)
6) Rising from the Ashes (download)
7) Departed (download)
8) Exodus (download)
9)Sorrows (download)
10)Stellar Bound (download)
11) Faith (download)
12) The Caverns (download)
13) Walking with Angels (download)
14) Days of Noah (download)
15) The Ark (download)
16) 2000 Years (download)
17) Star of Jesus (download)
18) Tribulations (download)
19) 2nd Coming (download)
20) Trees of Life (download)

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